Pickled & Oiled


Pickled & Oiled Hot Rolled Steel (P&O) is a hot rolled steel coil (HRC) that went through a chemical pickling process to remove the oxide film and then oiled to slow down corrosion after the pickling process and during storage. P&O HRC has improved hot rolled durability and workability and also suitable as an all purpose steel products for further processing or different roll-forming. 

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Steel (CRC) is a “white steel” that went through a metal forming process known as cold rolling to improve strength, surface finish and a tighter tolerances. CRC is a widely used flat steel product in different industries or can be used for further processing. 

Galvanized Steel

Galvanised Steel  (GI) is a flat steel product that gone through a zinc coating process (Continuous Hot-dip Galvanising) which form a protective zinc coating that protect the steel from corrosion. GI has wide variety of applications in construction especially roof trusses and metal cladding. 

Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel

Pre-Painted Galvanised Steel (PPGI) is a metallic coated steel product with improved corrosion resistance where the premium range PPGI also include features such as dirt staining resistance, color retention, scratch resistance (ScratchCore™) and solar reflectance (HeatBounce™). PPGI is commonly used in building materials such as roofing, cladding, walling, and etc. 














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