YKGI Group Vision

A preferred value-added metal roofing and building materials group.

YKGI Group Mission

We make safe, reliable and affordable steel products for everyone

YKGI Group Value



             Customer Focus

Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency

The Logo

The color of our logo, “Green” reflects Environmental Friendly. Over the years, YKGI has worked with all its customers by focusing more on the integrity value and user value, devoting to the concept of safe, environmental-friendly and reliable products based on users’ satisfaction so as to create a strong regional brand. To keep up the drive and sustain our responsiveness to our customers’ demands, we have re-branding and launching the new catalogues for our YK products.

Blue” Colour reflects as Technological Sustainable. Our new “Continuous Colour Coating Line” was commissioned as scheduled by early of year 2013. Besides that, we are in the process of upgrading the current GI line. We have religiously adhered to our equipment upgrading. We are now better equipped with bigger capacity to meet customers’ demands.

The “Circle” represents the corporate culture that emphasizes in Continuous Improvement and Unity. YKGI can only succeed if we get everyone behind our plans. Together, we kept and delivered on the promises we made and delivered significant results because “One Team Action Creating Value”.

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