Product information/description

Spectra™ pre-finished steel, a smart solution that provides consistent performance economically in wide variety of exterior decking or interior ceiling and paneling application.

Spectra™ is developed with comprehensive color selections to accommodate variety of creative ideas and distinct uniqueness in building designs.  

With the new and promising warranty that last up to 15 years*, Spectra™ is made in compliance with the current stringent requirements in the building materials specification.

–          Excellent performance system developed from superior polyester paint formula

–          Optimized ZINCCOAT Zinc metallic substrate for ultimate corrosion resistance and cut-edge protection.

–          Excellent color and gloss retention.

–          Excellent bending ability for all profiles.

–          Wide range of aesthetic colours and customization

–          Up to 15 years warranty.*

*Warranty subject to terms and condition.   


Product Specification


0.30 – 1.00mm




Paint Film Thickness:

Finish Coat

1525 µm max

Backing Coat

5  10 µm max

Primer Coat

Corrosive inhibitive primer coating 5  7 µm max on both side


Conversion Coat

Chemical treatment for extensive corrosion resistant

Zinc Coating Mass

Z12 – Z27

Steel Grade

JIS G3312


Steel Mechanical Properties

Full Hard Material (CGCH)

– Tensile Strength, Mpa

580 – 740

– Yield Strength, Mpa

550 – 700

– Hardness. HRB

85 – 99

– Elongation, %

1 – 6


Soft Material (CGCC)

– Tensile Strength, Mpa

280 – 400

– Yield Strength, Mpa

250 – 380

– Hardness. HRB

55 – 65

– Elongation, %

21 – 31


Typical Properties


Test Method

Gloss Gardner 60

Nominal ± 10 units

Pencil Hardness

H minimum


4T maximum

Impact Resistance

10 joule minimum

Corrosion Resistance

500 hours ; blisters and loss of adhesion less than 3mm from scribe

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