ColorCoat® EnvioTex™


ColorCoat® EnvioTex™ is the revolutionary textured steel that provides elegant finishing equally to the premium conventional roof tiles. With many of the contemporary architectural design desired for stylish low pitched roofs, EnvioTex™ steel has 6 modern colour selections to accomplish the design needs.

EnvioTex™ steel is engineered to be ultra-durable for its painted finishing. As compared to other painted steel, EnvioTex™ steel has very good colour performance and high scratch resistant.

With a warranty up to 25 years*, roofs made with EnvioTex™ steel are more robust and versatile for contemporary design than conventional tiles roofs.


Change Your Conventional Tiles Roof to Steel Roof by EnvioTex™ Today


With the formulated anti-fungal properties in EnvioTex™, its reduces the fungal growth on the elegant textured finishing that enhances the beauty of steel roofing.


With complete thermal insulation, steel roofs disperse the absorbed heat from the day quicker at night providing the comfort under the roof.


The robust interlocking joint of the steel roofs can better prevent water leakages and resist thievery break-ins much more.


Lightweight steel roofs can reduce the structural mass and load design, hence providing much efficient result at much efficient cost.


Why EnvioTex™ last longer?


1000 hours; dE ≤ 2 units; Gloss Retention > 50%

Taber Abrasion Resistance, ASTM D4060-10

≤50mg weight loss per 1000 rev

Scratch Resistance

up to 4kg load

Corrosion Resistance, ASTM B117

1000 hours; Blisters less than 3mm scribe, no loss of adhesion

Humidity Resistance, ASTM D4585

1000 hours; No more than (1) blister density, no loss of adhesion

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