ColorCoat® EnvioShield™

Product introduction

ColorCoat® EnvioShield™ steel is the ultimate coated steel that delivers excellent colour performance in the test of time and aggressive environment.

ColorCoat® EnvioShield™ steel utilizes PVDF coated system that comprised of 70% Hylar 5000 or Kynar 500 PVDF fluoropolymer resin. The highly formulated system has the most outstanding weathering properties that proven for its unrivalled reliability and impressive durability.

While it delivers ultimate colour performance, the newly engineered HeatBounce™ solar reflectance solution incorporated in EnvioShield™ steel is also capable of reducing the surface temperature of the buildings.

With the combination of excellent coating and HeatBounce™ technology, EnvioShield™ steel is the best coated steel that provides sustainable solution for the metal roofing and cladding systems.    

EnvioShield™ Advantages:

  • Superior performance and resistance in a critical climatic conditions, coastal weathering and chemical-fumed atmosphere.
  • Excellent colour & gloss retention properties that deliver enduring colour appearance for a longer period
  • Superior resistance to chalking on the steel surface
  • HeatBounce™ solution to reflect the solar energy instead of absorbing the heat, therefore lowering the building’s surface temperature and mitigates the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. 
  • Higher SRI values that comply the requirement of green building rating tools such as Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI).
  • Enhanced material durability due to the reduced thermal tension in the metal
  • Optimized ZINCCOAT Zinc metallic substrate for ultimate corrosion resistance and cut-edge protection  
  • Up to 25 years warranty* against perforation and 20 years warranty* against colour fading

*Warranty subject to terms and condition. 


Product features

1)     HeatBounce™ Solar Reflectance

EnvioShield™ steel has now integrates the comprehensive HeatBounce™ Solar Reflectance solution to reflect the solar energy instead of absorbing the heat and thus lowering the building surface temperature and reduce the impact of urban heat island (UHI) effect.

a)      High SRI Values

With the integration of HeatBounce™ solar reflectance solution, darker coloured EnvioShield™ steel absorb less heat, creating the advantages of a cooler building as compared to the conventional steel sheets. Higher SRI values can meet the requirement of green building rating tools such as Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI).

b)      Lower Energy Consumption

In hot weather, HeatBounce™ functions as the heat barrier to reduce the energy consumption for the air-conditioning to keep the buildings cool and comfortable. EnvioShield™ steel reduces peak roof temperature by up to 8°c*, depending on the colour selection.

*depending on level of insulation, colour, building shape and function.

c)      Better material durability

By reducing the surface temperature, thermal tension in the steel sheet will be reduced thus enhancing the material durability.



Surface Temperature

Without HeatBounce™

With HeatBounce™

Dark green



Mid Grey



Dark Brown



Dark Blue




2)         Ultimate Gloss and Colour Retention

EnvioShield™ finishes consist of full strength 70% Hylar 5000 or Kynar 500 PVDF fluoropolymer resin. It is capable to resist the “Photodegradation” effect caused by the solar UV light which distorts the gloss and colour depth on the steel surface. This coating system is field-proven for many years in the real world at 5° South Florida exposures to ensure its coating are capable of withstanding the extreme environments. 

3)         Superior Chalking and Dirt Staining Performance


With the formulation of highly durable binder PVDF and high performance inorganic pigments, EnvioShield™ steel has an excellent surface hardness which resists tropical dirt particles embedding onto the paint film to keep the colour bright and clean. As the coating system is not susceptible to UV light attack causing the resin to break down, this made EnvioShield™ steel has very high resistant against chalking.


ColorCoat® EnvioShield™ Steel Specification    

Base Steel Thickness : Nominal 0.35 – 1.00mm

Width : 914 & 1219mm or slitted

Finish Coat : Custom formulated PVDF (70% Polyvinylidence Fluoride) with inorganic pigments. Nominal film thickness 20µm on the top side

Backing Coat : Custom formulated. Nominal film thickness 10µm

Primer Coat : High Build Corrosive inhibitive primer coating. Nominal film thickness 10µm each side

Conversion Coat : Chemical treatment for extensive corrosion resistant

Zinc Coating Mass : Z20 – Z27

Steel Grade : Galvanised Steel Substrate – JIS G3302
                              Painted Finish Steel – JIS G3312

Steel Mechanical Properties:

Hi Tensile (CGCH)                  
–           Tensile Strength, MPa : 570 – 740
–           Yield Strength, MPa : 550 – 700
–           Hardness. HRB : 85 – 99
–           Elongation, % : 1 – 6 

Soft (CGCC)                            
–           Tensile Strength, MPa : 280 – 440
–           Yield Strength, MPa : 250 – 380
–           Hardness. HRB : 55 – 65
–           Elongation, % : 21 – 31

Typical Properties:

Gloss Gardner 60° – 25-30 units
Pencil Hardness –  Mitsubishi Hi-Uni, H minimum
Bending – 3T maximum
Impact Resistance –  10 joule minimum
QUV-A – 2000 hours; Gloss Retention >90%
                  Average colour change not more than 2dE units (CIELab)
Corrosion Resistance – 500 hours ECCA T8 ; Blisters and loss of adhesion less than 3 mm from scribe
Abrasion Resistance – ≤20mg weight loss per 100 rev
Humidity Resistance – 1000 hours; no loss of adhesion
Florida Exposure – 30 months in Florida (°5 south). Gloss retention greater than 80%
                                       Average colour change not more than 2 dE units (CIELab)


Outstanding Colours

EnvioShield™ steel comes in 12 standard colours that are ideal to match your most prestigious building design. The distinctive coating is derived from custom formulated 70% Hylar 5000 or Kynar 500 PVDF system with solid or metallic pigment system, delivering the outlasting performance and highest coating quality in the pre-painted steel.

EnvioShield™ Standard Series                                                             * Solar Reflectance Index

Folkstone White

Iris White

Luxe Cream


Robusta Grey





Mysteria Green

Stoker Red

Tesla Blue


Walden Beige






EnvioShield™ Metallic Series 

Dazzling Silver

Champagne Gold

Riesling Bronze


Sparkling Grey





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