Our Product

Domina™ pre finished steel is the thin gauge material that provides consistent quality good for economical roofing and walling application. Available now in 8 standard colours, Domina™ steel can provides you the right solution.


–              Superior corrosion resistant with zinc coated substrate

–              Highly formulated  paint for better color retention

–              Attractive standard colours


Product Specification

Base Steel Thickness: Nominal 0.18-0.28mm

Width: 914mm

Paint Film: Polyester based

Zinc Coating Mass: Z10

Steel Grade: JIS G3312

Tensile Grade: Full Hard CGCH ; min 570 MP

                        Soft CGCC ; min 280 MPa



Typical Properties

Bending: 7T maximum

Impact Resistance: 8 Joules minimum

Pencil Hardness: H minimum

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